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Are you a fan of African braided styles living in the greater Minneapolis, MN area? Do you wish there was an excellent hair braiding salon nearby? If so, you're in luck! Fanta & Mayama Professional African Hair Braiding is close by and skilled in braiding. African braiding reflects cultural pride and identity and dates back to ancient times. With some folks wanting to go back to traditional, natural hairstyles and others wanting unique and easy care looks, braids are more popular than they've ever been before. If you want to have your hairstyle in African braids or you are curious about new and bold braid hairstyles, we are one the finest and most respected name in hair braiding in the Minneapolis MN area, which also includes Brooklyn Park Osseo, Bloomington, and Minneapolis, MN. We are highly skilled traditional African braid stylists who are skilled, creative and affordable. Why go out of your way to get the beautiful braided styles you desire when you are close to one of the finest braiding salon in the area?

African braids will look great on you whatever you're doing whether it's working, shopping, or going out to an elegant affair. We are expert African braiding stylists who are competent in creating the different kinds of braid hairstyles that you may want. You'll find her salon a friendly place where you're made to feel at home. Whatever the style you are looking for, whether it's cornrows, micro braids, or even dreadlocks, we have the talent to give you the look you desire.

We have salon hours seven-days-a-week for your convenience. Monday through Saturday, we are open from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm. On Sunday, our hours are 10:30 am until 600 pm. Call us today for an appointment for your African braids and braid hairstyles. You'll love your new look!

About Fanta & Mayama Professional African Hair Braiding

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