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Dreadlocks are an attractive fashion everyone loves. They can be created with all hair textures. If you are local to Bloomington MN and have been searching for a quality local African hair braiding shop that does Dreads, you'll be glad to know there is one that is very close to the Saint Paul, Minneapolis, Brooklyn Park, and Bloomington MN neighborhoods. It's Fanta & Mayama Professional African Hair Braiding and we are one of the area's foremost hair braiding salons. We do it all from Dreads to cornrows and beautiful African-inspired braided styles. We run a local shop where we are customer friendly, run a clean shop, and our staff is highly skilled in the art of African braiding. Our prices are competitive too!

Like many braided styles, dreadlocks have a historical background. They are believed to have been created in ancient Egypt and Crete around 2600 BC. India has also pointed to ancient paintings depicting dreads. Today, they are most commonly attributed to the Americas and the Rastafarian movement. Whatever their origin, dreads are a daring, cutting-edge hairstyle that looks great on both males and females and works well on various hair textures. At Fanta & Mayama Professional African Hair Braiding, we are experts at creating dreadlocks. The finished hairstyle is attractive and easy to maintain. We are one of the best local African hair braiding shop specializing in dreads. 

If you've decided you want to achieve the dreadlocks look, call and make an appointment today! Our pricing is affordable and we're available 7 days a week. On Sunday, our doors open at 10:30 am then close at 6 pm. Monday through Saturday, we keep 9:00 am to 6:00 pm hours. You can get all the hottest styles at our local African hair braiding shop. Your dreads await!

Get in touch with us today!

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