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Hair Braiding Shops

Are you a fan of African braids in the Osseo MN vicinity who has been searching for local hair braiding shops that specialize in micro braids? If so, your search is over. We're Fanta & Mayama Professional African Hair Braiding, and like our name suggests we specialize in African braids. So, whether you're in Brooklyn Park, Bloomington Saint Paul, or Osseo, MN, we are nearby and close.  We are highly skilled stylists running a local shop that caters to those who seek natural braided styles. The micro style features many, tiny beautiful braids that are tightly and skillfully created by our stylists. This style is very popular because there is very little maintenance needed to keep them looking fresh and lovely, and the braids last.

It's important to get a skilled braiding specialist like we are at Fanta & Mayama Professional African Hair Braiding. The braids must be tight to last and a special technique is required to create the multitude of tiny braids that are the signature of the micro braids style. Not many hair braiding shops are qualified to do this type of braiding. However, we will make sure that your hair is in good condition and can handle the braiding process. Since the style calls for hundreds of tiny braids, the process can take a bit longer than the average braiding. However, the end result is beautiful.

If you want to try micro braids, call us for an appointment. We have salon hours every day of the week. Our Sunday hours are 10:30 am until 6:00 pm at closing. The rest of the week, we are open between the hours of 9:00 am until 6:00 pm. We are one of the top hair braiding shops in the area and micro braids are one of our special styles.

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